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The primary objective of our control system is to promote safety for the student as well as the instructor in the science laboratory learning environment. In order to achieve this goal, it is our belief that the instructor should be granted sole, local authority to determine those utilities that should be available to the student during the course of the classroom day. Dividing focus between, not only response to the potential emergency, but likewise the prevention, our theory of operation states that the utility outlets readily available to the student should remain inactive or OFF unless specific need for use is determined and thus granted by the instructor.


MAPA Products finds creative ways to enhance these technical improvements by providing cost-effective products to the construction industry.

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Founded in 1998 & located in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas, MAPA Products has been a driving force in the manufacturing of rooftop support systems. When alternatives for rooftop supports were “wood blocks” or expensive stainless steel, MAPA introduced the first plastic based adjustable support for light to medium duty gas piping.This cost effective support started a design trend that revolutionized the industry..


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